Y. M. Khanif

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The recovery in crop and soil of labelled fertilizer nitrate applied to barley and maize growing on a sandy soil was measured. The experimental plots, each measuring 4m × 4m, were situated on fields growing with barley and with maize. The barley received 50 kg N/ha as KNO3 enriched with 5.99 At.%15N excess while the maize received 113 kg N/ha as KNO3(More)
Nitrogen (N) is the largest yield limiting nutrient in rice cropping. Therefore, efficient N fertilizer management is critical for rice production. Nevertheless, the complex nature of N transformation in soils, has led to low N use efficiency. The lower N use efficiency of fertilizers is a result of multiple loss mechanisms such as volatilization and(More)
A field study to determine the recovery and balance of N-15 labelled fertilizer N was conducted on barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and on maize (Zea mays L.) in the sandy area of Belgium. The barley was fertilized with 60 kg N/ha with KNO3 enriched with 2.057 At. % N-15 excess, while the maize received 65 kg N/ha KNO3 labelled with 4.877 At.% N-15 excess. The(More)
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