Y. M. Chen

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Two rice cDNA clones pTS1 and pTS3 were screened at reduced stringency from a cDNA library generated from rice seedling poly(A) RNA by a partial cDNA fragment of soybean 17.5E (pCE53). The rice seedlings were induced at 41 ° C for 2 h before harvest for RNA extraction. Both clones were identified by a hybrid-selected in vitro translation assay and proved to(More)
When existing surveillance sensors used by a disaster warning and response system cannot provide adequate data for situation assessment purposes, crowdsourcing information collection can be an effective solution: People armed with wireless devices and social network services can be used as mobile human sensors. Eye-witness reports from them can complement(More)
An industry leading 28nm high-performance mobile SoC technology featuring metal-gate/high-k process is presented. The technology is optimized to offer wide power-to-performance transistor dynamic range and highest wired gate density with superior low-R/ELK interconnects, critical for next generation mobile computing/SOC applications. Through process and(More)
The homotopy analysis method HAM is employed to propose an approach for solving the nonlinear dynamical system of an electrostatically actuated micro-cantilever in MEMS. There are two relative merits of the presented HAM compared with some usual procedures of the HAM. First, a new auxiliary linear operator is constructed. This operator makes it unnecessary(More)
s of Scientific Presentations Society of Gastrointestinal Radiologists' Fifteenth Annual Meeting Acapulco, Mexico, January 19-24, 1986 1. Bowel Cancer Characteristics in Patients with Regional Enteritis. T. Miller, J. Skucas, D. Gudex and C. Listinsky (University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY) Ten bowel malignancies in 8 patients with regional(More)