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UNLABELLED Effects of morphine on acquisition and retrieval of memory have been proven in the avoidance paradigms. In present study, we used a two-trial recognition Y-maze to test the effects of acute morphine and morphine withdrawal on spatial recognition memory. The Y-maze is based on the innate tendency of rodents to explore novel environments and(More)
When existing surveillance sensors used by a disaster warning and response system cannot provide adequate data for situation assessment purposes, crowdsourcing information collection can be an effective solution: People armed with wireless devices and social network services can be used as mobile human sensors. Eye-witness reports from them can complement(More)
An industry leading 28nm high-performance mobile SoC technology featuring metal-gate/high-k process is presented. The technology is optimized to offer wide power-to-performance transistor dynamic range and highest wired gate density with superior low-R/ELK interconnects, critical for next generation mobile computing/SOC applications. Through process and(More)
Past studies have shown that reward contingency is critical for sensorimotor learning, and reward expectation speeds up saccades in animals. Whether monetary reward speeds up saccades in human remains unknown. Here we addressed this issue by employing a conditional saccade task, in which human subjects performed a series of non-reflexive, visually-guided(More)