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The IEEE 802.11g standard has been proposed to enhance the data rate of wireless LAN connections up to 54 Mbps, while ensuring backward compatibility with legacy 802.11b devices at the same time. However, in a hybrid 802.11b/g network, the throughput of 802.11g devices is compromised because of not only the overhead to interoperate with 802.11b devices, but(More)
This paper presents an active-clamp push-pull converter for battery sourcing applications. A pair of auxiliary switches, resonant inductors, and clamping capacitors is added to the primary side of the transformer to clamp voltage spike and recycle the energy trapped in the leakage inductors. In the proposed active-clamp push-pull converter, since both main(More)
A sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas cv. Tainong 57) trypsin inhibitor gene was introduced into tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabaccum cv. W38) by Agrobacterium tumefaciens– mediated transformation. From 30 independent transformants, three lines with high level of expression were further analyzed. The trypsin inhibitor gene, under control of the 35S CaMV promoter,(More)
We examined the cross-sectional association of the intakes of different types of fishes with bone mass and osteoporosis risk in postmenopausal Chinese women. We found that higher intake of sea fish is independently associated with greater bone mass and lower osteoporosis risk among postmenopausal Chinese women. Fish contains many important nutrients that(More)
A multi-input DC/DC power converter based on flux additivity is proposed in this paper. Instead of combining input DC sources in the electricity form, the proposed converter combines input DC sources in magnetic form by adding up the produced magnetic flux together in the magnetic core of the coupled transformer. With phase-shifted pulse-width-modulation(More)
Boost converters operated in critical mode can achieve high efficiency, while they have some limitations, such as high current ripple, high component rating and low power application. Thus, this paper proposes integrated circuits (IC) of a powerfactor corrector (PFC) controller for interleaved critical-mode boost converters. The proposed PFC control IC can(More)
This paper first reviews mechanism and waveform consideration for liquid food sterilization, and then presents how to generate bipolar narrow pulses. In this research, a bidirectional flyback converter with energy recovery circuits is proposed to generate bipolar narrow pulsed electric fields for liquid food sterilization, which includes sterilization of(More)
This work presents a multiphase multilamp driving system for liquid crystal display (LCD) back light The driving system adopts a multiphase inverter to drive cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) to reduce input current ripple. Furthermore, to prevent current imbalance among lamps a multiphase transformer is introduced in the proposed system. Compared with(More)
BACKGROUND Afatinib has demonstrated clinical benefit in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer progressing after treatment with erlotinib/gefitinib. This phase III trial prospectively assessed whether continued irreversible ErbB-family blockade with afatinib plus paclitaxel has superior outcomes versus switching to chemotherapy alone in patients(More)