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In this paper an improved Moore test for the coupled system:f(x, y)=0,g(x, y)=0 is described: x+ is calculated from x and y in a forward-substep, and we use x+ and y to compute y+ in a backward-substep. It is shown that, if x+ ⊂ x, y+ ⊂ y, then a solution of the coupled system (x*,y*) ∈ (x+, y+) exists. On this foundation, we prove convergence of a point(More)
In this paper we discuss a class of nonlinear operators, that we name convex-decomposable operators, which have the nature:Fy−Fx≤(D 1 (x, y)+D 2 (x, y))(y−x) forx≤y, andD 1 andD 2 are isotone and antitone respectively. It is shown that it is a rather large class of operators, containing e.g. the operators whose second derivatives are bounded. For these(More)
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