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Soil phosphorus (P) availability was compared with Mehlich-1 soil testing and P fractionation at a research farm (RF) and 32 private farms (PFs) in north Florida. The environmental risks caused by P release were evaluated using the P saturation ratio (PSR). Soil Mehlich-1 P at the RF and the PFs was 41.9 4.1 and 278 13 mg/kg, respectively. The dominant(More)
This study investigated the use of pitch in pet-directed speech (PDS) when the size of the pet differs. Two Cantonesespeaking owners were recruited to talk with three dogs with different sizes. Results demonstrated that pitch level and dog size were inversely related, i.e., a higher pitch was used with a smaller dog, and vice versa. Other factors may also(More)
A wave-number-dependent dissipative term to magnetization dynamics, mirroring the conservative term associated with exchange, has been proposed recently for ferromagnetic metals. We present measurements of wave-number-(k-)dependent Gilbert damping in three metallic ferromagnets, NiFe, Co, and CoFeB, using perpendicular spin wave resonance up to 26 GHz. In(More)
PURPOSE Advance directives have been available in parts of the United States for more than 20 years, but research shows that only a small percentage of adults (5-25%) have some form of written advance directive. The purose of this study was to examine the presence of advance directives among persons entering cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, and(More)
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