Y. Lafranche

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The singularities that we consider are the characteristic non-smooth solutions of the equations of linear elasticity in piecewise homogeneous media near two dimensional corners or three dimensional edges. We describe here a method to compute their singularity exponents and the associated angular singular functions. We present the implementation of this(More)
The paper presents a detailed numerical study of an iterative solution to 3-D sound-hard acoustic scattering problems at high frequency considering the Combined Field Integral Equation (CFIE). We propose a combination of an OSRC preconditioning technique and a Fast Multipole Method which leads to a fast and efficient algorithm independently of both a(More)
The simplest modeling of planar quantum waveguides is the Dirichlet eigenproblem for the Laplace operator in unbounded open sets which are uniformly thin in one direction. Here we consider V-shaped guides. Their spectral properties depend essentially on a sole parameter, the opening of the V. The free energy band is a semi-infinite interval bounded from(More)
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