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Allogynogenetic gibel carp is one of the most important freshwater cultured species in China. However, myxosporidiosis represents a severe threat to prevent the sustainable development of aquaculture of this species. During the investigation of myxosporean diversity of reared allogynogenetic gibel carp in East China, a new myxosporean with typical(More)
Using the 3114/3115 thermal activity monitor (TAM) air isothermal microcalorimeter, ampoule mode, the heat output of Candida albicans growth at 37°C was measured, and the effect of emodin on C. albicans growth was evaluated by microcalorimetry coupled with chemometric methods. The similarities between the heat flow power (HFP)–time curves of C. albicans(More)
An efficient double superimposition model (DSM) is proposed to generate two-dimensional (2-D) ocean surface waves. On the basis of this efficient model, a modulated slope-deterministic facet model (MSDFM) is developed to compute the radar cross section (RCS) of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for the generated ocean surface. Then, the properties of the SAR(More)
Osteoporosis is a growing public health problem in China and worldwide, particularly in the aged population. China has the largest population of aged people in the world, and it is increasing at an annual rate of more than 3.2% [1]. According to a census in China in 1994, there are 110 million aged people in China, comprising about 9.5% of the total(More)
The observation of a high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas between two insulating complex oxides, especially LaAlO₃/SrTiO₃, has enhanced the potential of oxides for electronics. The occurrence of this conductivity is believed to be driven by polarization discontinuity, leading to an electronic reconstruction. In this scenario, the crystal orientation(More)
Abstract—A comprehensive facet model for bistatic synthetic aperture radar (Bis-SAR) imagery of dynamic ocean scene is presented in this paper. An efficient facet scattering model is developed to calculate the radar cross section (RCS) of the ocean surface for BisSAR firstly. Further more, this facet model is combined with a bistatic velocity bunching (V B)(More)
Metallic glasses (MGs) are notorious for the poor macroscopic ductility and to overcome the weakness various intrinsic and extrinsic strategies have been proposed in past decades. Among them, the metal coating is regarded as a flexible and facile approach, yet the physical origin is poorly understood due to the complex nature of shear banding process. Here,(More)
Z. Huang,1 Z. Q. Liu,1,2 M. Yang,2 S. W. Zeng,1,2 A. Annadi,1,2 W. M. Lü,1,3 X. L. Tan,4 P. F. Chen,4 L. Sun,1 X. Renshaw Wang,1,2 Y. L. Zhao,1,2 C. J. Li,1 J. Zhou,2 K. Han,1 W. B. Wu,4 Y. P. Feng,2 J. M. D. Coey,1,5 T. Venkatesan,1,2,3 and Ariando1,2,* 1NUSNNI-NanoCore, National University of Singapore, 117411 Singapore 2Department of Physics, National(More)