Y. L. Zhang

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Histone deacetylase (HDAC) enzymes have been demonstrated as critical components in maintaining chromatin homeostasis, CNS development, and normal brain function. Evidence in mouse models links HDAC expression to learning, memory, and mood-related behaviors; small molecule HDAC inhibitor tool compounds have been used to demonstrate the importance of(More)
Optical clocks have been the focus of science and technology research areas due to their capability to provide highest frequency accuracy and stability to date. Their superior frequency performance promises significant advances in the fields of fundamental research as well as practical applications including satellite-based navigation and ranging. In(More)
Soil water deficit is a major limitation to agricultural productivity in arid regions. Leaf photosynthesis can quickly recover after rewatering and remains at a higher level for a longer period, thus increasing crop yield and water-use efficiency (WUE). We tested our hypothesis that leaf photosynthesis and root activity of water-stressed cotton (Gossypium(More)
Optical frequency combs (OFCs), based on mode-locked lasers (MLLs), have attracted considerable attention in many fields over recent years. Among the applications of OFCs, one of the most challenging works is the extraction of a highly stable microwave with low phase noise. Many synchronisation schemes have been exploited to synchronise an electronic(More)
Characterization of different component processes of photosynthesis is useful to understand the growth status of plants and to discover possible unintended effects of genetic modification on photosynthesis in transgenic plants. We focused on the changes in photosynthetic gas-exchange properties, reflectance spectra, and plant growth traits among groups of(More)
Interface reliability issue has become a major concern in developing flip chip assembly. The CTE mismatch between different material layers may induce severe interface delamination reliability problem. In this study, multifunctional micro-moiré interferometry (M 3 I) system was utilized to study the interfacial response of flip chip assembly under(More)
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