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Uniform SiNW structures were fabricated for the first time on the top, bottom and sidewall surfaces of microchannel heat sinks by using a two-step electro-less etching process. The micro/nano hierarchical structure yields superior boiling heat transfer performance. Its maximum heat flux is improved by 150% over the microchannel-only heat sink and 400% over(More)
An extracellular membrane-associated ectoATPase has been identified on the human natural killer cell line NK3.3. The enzyme is distinct from other classes of ATPases, kinases, and phosphatases. NK3.3 ectoATPase demonstrated a Km for ATP of 41 microM and a Vmax of 0.2 mumol/min and required both Ca2+ and Mg2+ for maximal activity. Purine and pyrimidine(More)
BACKGROUND Cutaneous metastases are perceived as a sign of advanced disease and are regarded as a grave prognostic indicator. In addition, few reports have focused on the cutaneous metastasis profiles of Asian patients. OBJECTIVES We seek to analyse the clinical and prognostic characteristics of cutaneous tumour metastases in a Taiwanese medical centre.(More)
A prospective citywide cohort study was conducted from August 1, 1993, through May 31, 1994 to analyze the epidemiological characteristics of emergency medical services (EMS) in an Asian city. Of 5,459 studied cases, the leading 3 causes were trauma (49.7%), alcohol intoxication (8.6%), and altered mental status (AMS) (6.9%). Half of the studied cases(More)
Engagement of the TCR (CD3-Ti) by Ag/MHC, CD3 mAb, or lectin mitogen stimulates the very early tyrosine phosphorylation of several cellular substrates including TCR-zeta. The T cell specific protein-tyrosine kinase (PTK), p56lck, has been implicated in the tyrosine phosphorylation of TCR-zeta. However, the significance of this event with regard to CD3-Ti(More)
BACKGROUND Psoriasis is a systemic disease associated with metabolic disorders and vascular complications. Both psoriasis and metabolic disorders are associated with systemic inflammation. We hypothesized that the sequence of events between the onset of psoriasis and metabolic disorder may affect the risk for subsequent development of vascular(More)
CD28 is a 44-kDa homodimeric receptor expressed on the majority of T cells. Engagement of the CD28 receptor by soluble anti-CD28 mAb in conjunction with PMA causes the induction of lymphokine/cytokine production and proliferation in resting T cells via signal transduction pathways independent of the TCR. The precise nature of the biochemical events that(More)
The safety, efficacy, and acceptability of a mifepristone-misoprostol combination for the termination of high-risk early pregnancies were documented in a study conducted at International Peace Maternity and Child Hospital in Shanghai, China, in 1993-96. The 388 study participants required pregnancy termination for reasons including scarred uterus,(More)
The interaction of CD28 with its counter-receptor, B7, induces a cosignal in T cells required to prevent clonal anergy and to promote antigen-dependent interleukin-2 production. The molecular basis of the CD28 cosignal is not well understood but involves the activation of protein tyrosine kinase(s) (PTK). In this report we demonstrate that CD28(More)
BACKGROUND Behçet's disease (BD) is a recurrent multisystem disease of uncertain aetiology. The young adults are most often affected, usually during the third decade. Late occurrence of the disease is considered uncommon and less frequently investigated. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the clinical features of BD patients with disease onset(More)