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The Asian Vigna group of grain legumes consists of six domesticated species, among them black gram is widely grown in South Asia and to a lesser extent in Southeast Asia. We report the first genetic linkage map of black gram [Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper], constructed using a BC1F1 population consisting of 180 individuals. The BC1F1 population was analyzed in 61(More)
A simple model for expressing the kinetics of deformationinduced transformation of dispersed austenite has been developed by following the defect dissociation model and assuming an exponential distribution function of cumulative structural defects. The model was applied to the deformation-induced transformation of isolated austenitic iron particles in the(More)
With the proliferation of genetically modified (GM) products and the almost exponential growth of land use for GM crops, there is a growing need to develop quantitative approaches to estimating the risk of escape of transgenes into wild populations of crop relatives by natural hybridization. We assessed the risk of transgene escape by constructing a(More)
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