Y. Kong

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Prevalence survey of neurocysticercosis was made in a mixed epilepsy patients of Changmi Club in Korea. From February 1987 to July 1990, a total of 2,667 randomly selected patients at 27 local centers was tested for their serum levels of anti-Cysticercus antibody (IgG) by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Positive rate of the antibody was 4.0% in the(More)
Rec8 is a prominent component of the meiotic prophase chromosome axis that mediates sister chromatid cohesion, homologous recombination and chromosome synapsis. Here, we explore the prophase roles of Rec8. (i) During the meiotic divisions, Rec8 phosphorylation mediates its separase-mediated cleavage. We show here that such cleavage plays no detectable role(More)
During meiosis, exchange of DNA segments occurs between paired homologous chromosomes in order to produce recombinant chromosomes, helping to increase genetic diversity within a species. This genetic exchange process is tightly controlled by the eukaryotic RecA homologs Rad51 and Dmc1, which are involved in strand exchange of meiotic recombination, with(More)
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