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Silent information regulator (SIR)2 is an nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dependent deacetylase implicated in the regulation of life span in species as diverse as yeast, worms, and flies. Mammalian Sirt1 is the most closely related homolog of the SIR2 gene. Pharmacological activators of Sirt1 have been reported to increase the life span and improve the(More)
Genetic studies revealed that the ablation of insulin/IGF-1 signaling in the pancreas causes diabetes. FoxO1 is a downstream transcription factor of insulin/IGF-1 signaling. We previously reported that FoxO1 haploinsufficiency restored β cell mass and rescued diabetes in IRS2 knockout mice. However, it is still unclear whether FoxO1 dysregulation in the(More)
Porphyromonas gingivalis has been shown to attack host defense systems through proteolytic cleavage of a wide variety of members of the systems. In this study, we examined the ability of P. gingivalis culture supernatant to alter the expression of human T cell surface proteins. As judged by flow cytometric analysis, detection of CD4 expression was(More)
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