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The Space Environment Data Acquisition equipment (SEDA), which was mounted on the Exposed Facility (EF) of the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM, also known as “Kibo”) on the International Space Station (ISS), was developed to measure the space environment along the orbit of the ISS. This payload module, called the SEDA-Attached Payload (AP), began to measure(More)
In order to reduce the dimension of VSM (Vector Space Model) for information retrieval and clustering, this paper proposes a new method, Semantic-VSM, which uses the Semantic Attribute System defined by ”A-Japanese-Lexicon” instead of literal words used in conventional VSM. The attribute system consists of a tree structure with 2,710 attributes, which(More)
In order to clarify the origin of the X-ray diffraction peak corresponding to the smectic-like layer ordering appearing even in the nematic phase over a wide temperature range above the nematic-smectic A (NA) phase transition in liquid crystal (LC) molecules with a hydroxy group, we investigated the critical behavior of bend elastic constants and the(More)
We investigated local layer structures of the three smectic-C phases (SmC, SmC', and SmC″) in a liquid crystal with the terminal hydroxyl group using high resolution and microbeam x-ray diffraction. It is found that SmC is the conventional SmC1 phase and SmC″ is the bilayer SmC2 phase. The SmC' phase forms an in-plane modulation structure, so that this(More)
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