Y. Kawasaki

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A natural Euclidean space is defined on a set of texts as sequences or hierarchical structures. Unlike the traditional term-document model, the present model takes local topological structure of texts. Kernel functions are defined that enable the use of Euclidean spaces and hence methods of data analysis based on kernels are applicable to the present model.(More)
Communication provides an access to a huge amount of information. By communication one may largely surpass the knowledge individually acquired by benefiting from the knowledge acquired by others. However, communication entails a risk of manipulation. Our speaker may want us to act in such way that will satisfy his desires. In particular, he may voluntarily(More)
In order to establish an autonomous overhead traveling crane system, it is needs to be constructed the obstacle recognition system, the path planning system and the control system of suppression of object swing automatically. These systems development is studied by our research group. In particular, the on-line obstacle recognition system using an(More)
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