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A. Miyake1
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1A. Miyake
1M. Tatsuta
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Ovariectomy at 1 month of age promotes development of hepatocellular adenomatous nodules in female C57BL/6 x DS-F1 mice treated neonatally with 3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene (3'-Me-DAB). Implantation of oestradiol-17 beta (E2) pellets at 1 month of age suppresses nodule development. Since E2 increases serum levels of prolactin, high serum levels of(More)
We compared the expected medical costs of empirical and preemptive treatment strategies for invasive fungal infection in neutropenic patients with hematological diseases. Based on the results of two clinical trials with different backgrounds reported by Oshima et al. [J Antimicrob Chemother 60(2):350–355; Oshima study] and Cordonnier et al. [Clin Infect Dis(More)
We report on an experimental study of diffusive transport near the highly transparent interface of niobium(Nb)/multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWNT) junctions realized by utilizing the nanopores of alumina membranes. In the magnetic-field dependence of observed conductance increase, the transition temperatures vs nanotube length diagram, and the zero-bias(More)
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