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OBJECTIVE To examine the association of some common medical conditions with functional limitation in elderly Chinese aged 70 years and over, to estimate the percentage of disability attributable to individual diseases, and to attempt to identify predisposing factors by documenting the development of functional limitation over an 18-month period in those(More)
In a survey of elderly Chinese aged 70 years and over living in Hong Kong selected by stratified random sampling, the prevalence of depression was determined using the 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale using a cut-off point of 8 (sensitivity 96.3% and specificity 87.5% for this population). Subjects with moderate to severe cognitive impairment (CAPE I/O(More)
Respiratory diseases can cause considerable disability in the elderly because of their limited respiratory reserve as a result of ageing. We have investigated the prevalence of respiratory symptoms and diseases in elderly Chinese in Hong Kong and compared these data with those in elderly Caucasian populations. Two thousand and thirty two (999 male and 1,033(More)
AIM To examine the role of disease-related factors and age-related physiological changes in affecting gait speed and stride length in the elderly. SUBJECTS 925 men and 890 women aged 70 years and above who were ambulant, recruited by random sampling stratified according to age and sex, from all recipients of Old Age and Disability Allowance in Hong Kong.(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the burden of chronic disease for an elderly Chinese population aged 70 years and over, and to illustrate the use of this information in estimating the economic consequences of disease burden using stroke as an example. PARTICIPANTS A total of 1902 subjects recruited by random sampling of the old age and disability allowance(More)
BACKGROUND Besides being the major cause of hip fracture, falls also have important consequences in injuries and mortality, especially in the elderly population. This study investigated the occurrence of and the correlates of falls in a cohort of Hong Kong Chinese elderly aged 70 years and above. METHODS The research was based on the baseline(More)
BACKGROUND Old age is often accompanied by functional decline and loss of autonomy. This longitudinal study examines the factors associated with mobility decline among a Chinese elderly cohort aged 70 years and above. METHODS Analyses were carried out on data collected from 1,483 elderly subjects who were functionally mobile at baseline and survived the(More)
216 survivors of acute stroke were studied 3 months postictus to determine predictors of long-term survival and disability 20 months after the initial stroke. Factors predicting mortality were, in order of importance, old age, a history of ischaemic heart disease, low mental-test score, low serum cholesterol concentration, low Glasgow Coma Score on(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine life satisfaction and its association with physical, functional, socioeconomic, psychological, and social support characteristics in Hong Kong Chinese aged 70 years and older. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Territory-wide random sample of persons aged 70 years and older. SUBJECTS A total of 843 men and 714 women were(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma care systems aim to reduce both death and disability, yet there is little data on post-trauma health status and functional outcome. OBJECTIVES To evaluate baseline, discharge, six month and 12 month post-trauma quality of life, functional outcome and predictors of quality of life in Hong Kong. METHODS Multicentre, prospective cohort(More)