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The authors present the case of an intracranial tumour consisting of both schwannoma and meningioma within the same tumour, in a patient with neurofibromatosis-2 (NF-2). A pre-operative diagnosis of this mixed tumour was not made. However, retrospectively, a meningiomatous area was found inside the acoustic neurinoma on magnetic resonance (MR) images.(More)
For the first time, 4Gbit density STT-MRAM using perpendicular MTJ in compact cell was successfully demonstrated through the tight distributions for resistance and magnetic properties. This paper includes the results regarding parasitic resistance control process, MTJ process, and MTJ stack engineering. Both of successful 4Gb read and write operations were(More)
Spatial variations in the spin-reorientation transition of an exchange-coupled Co-wedge/YIG (Y<sub>3</sub>Fe<sub>5</sub>O<sub>12</sub>) bilayer, from perpendicular to in-plane domain structure, was studied using magnetic force microscopy (MFM) and photo-emission electron microscopy (PEEM). Even though MFM measurements of the YIG film showed perpendicular(More)
The occurrence of malignant mural nodule in benign cystic common epithelial tumor of the ovary have been reported in only three cases; the case one was mucinous cystadenoma with a mural nodule of fibrosarcoma and the others were of carcinomas. Our case was another rare case of ovarian mucinous cystadenoma with mural nodule of anaplastic carcinoma in a(More)
Adenovirus pneumonia, while common in infancy and childhood, is rarely documented but may be fatal in the neonatal period. In regard to the serious outcome and no responsiveness to common anti-viral agents, adenovirus infection should be considered in the differential diagnosis of pneumonia in neonates. We report three cases of fatal neonatal adenovirus(More)
The authors report a case of myxofirbrosarcoma of the heart that metastasized repeatedly to the intracranial cavity. The patient was an 18-year-old female who underwent en bloc resection of a tumour in the left atrium of the heart in December, 1991. The specimen from the left atrium was a 5 • 5 • 6 cm ovoid mass with smooth surface. The cut surface was(More)
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