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Linear equality and inequality constraints arise naturally in specifying many aspects of user interfaces, such as requiring that one window be to the left of another, requiring that a pane occupy the leftmost 1/3 of a window, or preferring that an object be contained within a rectangle if possible. Current constraint solvers designed for UI applications(More)
This paper is a report of a second round of RNA-Puzzles, a collective and blind experiment in three-dimensional (3D) RNA structure prediction. Three puzzles, Puzzles 5, 6, and 10, represented sequences of three large RNA structures with limited or no homology with previously solved RNA molecules. A lariat-capping ribozyme, as well as riboswitches complexed(More)
The reconstitution of an apo-flavoenzyme, apo-glucose oxidase, on a 1.4-nanometer gold nanocrystal functionalized with the cofactor flavin adenine dinucleotide and integrated into a conductive film yields a bioelectrocatalytic system with exceptional electrical contact with the electrode support. The electron transfer turnover rate of the reconstituted(More)
Ž. Efficient and fair use of buffer space in an Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM switch is essential to gain high throughput and low cell loss performance from the network. In this paper a shared buffer architecture associated with threshold-based virtual partition among output ports is proposed. Thresholds are updated based on traffic characteristics on each(More)
In order to meet the demand of exchange, share and reuse business knowledge among the different government institutions in e-government, an ontology-based approach to modeling and collaborating e-government business knowledge was proposed. An e-government business ontology (EG- BOnt) was designed. The model of EG-BOnt was described by the IDEF5 graphically.(More)
Dempster-Shafer evidence theory provides a useful computational scheme for integrating uncertainty information from multiple sources in artificial intelligence systems. Therefore, it has been successfully applied in data fusion and pattern recognition. However, it also has some shortcomings. D-S evidence combination can not proceed if the evidence totally(More)
Some vertebrate species have evolved means of extending their visual sensitivity beyond the range of human vision. One mechanism of enhancing sensitivity to long-wavelength light is to replace the 11-cis retinal chromophore in photopigments with 11-cis 3,4-didehydroretinal. Despite over a century of research on this topic, the enzymatic basis of this(More)
Space is characterized by risk and uncertainty. As humans play an important role in long-duration space missions, the ability to make risky decisions effectively is important for astronauts who spend extended time periods in space. The present study used the Balloon Analog Risk Task to conduct both behavioral and fMRI experiments to evaluate the effects of(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to clarify the incidence and risk of cardiotoxicity associated with bortezomib in cancer patients. METHODS Databases from PubMed, Web of Science and abstracts presented at ASCO meeting up to July 31, 2013 were searched to identify relevant studies. Eligible studies included prospective phase II(More)