Y. Jay. Guo

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Through determining the serum and egg yolk antibody titers in immunized laying hens to Pasteurella multocida regularly, the growth-decline trend of the egg yolk antibody levels was found to be similar to that of the serum antibody levels (r = 0.94), but the growth and decline of the egg yolk antibody seemed to be delayed 3-6 days compared with that of the(More)
A 12-element thin dipole uniform circular array (UCA) is studied using the Method of Moments. The effect of metallic back reflectors on the array performance, in terms of the maximum realized gain, the mutual coupling level, and the synthesized patterns, is investigated. Over the inter-element spacing range, 0.3 &#x03BB;<inf>0</inf> &#x2264; d &#x2264;(More)
A new sesquiterpenoid, O-methyl nakafuran-8 lactone (1) has been isolated from a Hainan sponge Dysidea sp. and the structure of the new compound proposed by spectral data, was confirmed by X-ray diffraction analysis. The complete 1H- and 13C-NMR assignments were made on the basis of detailed 2D NMR spectral analysis. Compound 1 showed strong inhibitory(More)
During August to October, 1983, 73 of 113 ducks submitted to our laboratory from a duck farm for pathological examination were found to have a variety of hepatic tumours. Grossly, the lesions could be divided into three groups: nodular, macro-nodular and diffuse forms; the nodular form was the most frequently seen (54/73). Histopathologically, the tumours(More)
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