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Dementia is one of the most important neurological disorders in the elderly population. The significance of vascular risk factors for dementia remains controversial. This study aimed to determine the effects of vascular risk factors, such as blood pressure, diabetes and smoking in the mid-life or the late-life on dementia risk. The data in this prospective(More)
The seroepidemiologic studies on anti-Toxoplasma antibody titers were carried out using ELISA and indirect latex agglutination test. Among 899 sera prepared from pregnant women, 39 cases (4.3%) revealed positive reaction and 218 sera from middle school students showed 4 positive reaction (1.8%) by ELISA. By LAT (newly established by National Veterinary(More)
Fish iridoviruses cause systemic diseases with high morbidity and mortality in various species of wild and farm-raised fish, resulting in severe economic losses, and no large-scale protective vaccine program or therapy is currently available. In this study, we expressed a recombinant major capsid protein (rMCP) of rock bream iridovirus in transgenic rice(More)
Objective:To investigate whether drugs targeting peripheral cannabinoid-1 (CB1) receptor ameliorate adiposity comparable to central CB1-receptor antagonist or not.Measurements:Receptor binding assay and functional assay in vitro. Pharmacokinetic parameters in mice, brain uptake clearance of compounds in rats and antagonism on the CB1-agonist-induced(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the change of expression of Bcl2 in cisplatin-resistant bladder cancer cell lines and the reversibility of chemoresistance to cisplatin with antisense oligonucleotide against Bcl2, as higher expression of Bcl2 is associated with drug resistance in many different cancer cell lines. MATERIALS AND METHODS In the cisplatin-resistant(More)
Protein kinase C (PKC) delta is known to inhibit proliferation of many cell types. In this study we found that overexpression of PKCdelta reduced proliferation of NIH3T3 cells. To identify specific genes regulated by PKCdelta in regulation of cell proliferation, we used differential display-polymerase chain reaction in PKCdelta-overexpressing NIH3T3 cells(More)
The downstream events and target genes of p53 in the process of senescence are not fully understood. Here, we report a novel function of the forkhead transcription factor Foxp3, which is a key player in mediating T-cell inhibitory functions, in p53-mediated cellular senescence. The overexpression of Foxp3 in mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) accelerates(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a rapid and sensitive method for the detection of canine distemper virus (CDV) by nested PCR using clinical specimens. DESIGN A nested PCR was developed, compared to a one-step RT-PCR and validated. PROCEDURE Two sets of specific primers for a one-step RT-PCR and a nested PCR, targeting a 640 bp fragment and a 297 bp fragment,(More)
All-trans retinoic acid (RA) and its geometrical isomers, such as 9-cis RA, 13-cis RA, and 9,13-di-cis RA, strongly inhibited both growth and fusion of L6 myoblasts. However, illumination of white light diminished their inhibitory activity on membrane fusion with little effect on cell growth. During myogenic differentiation, the intracellular level of cAMP(More)
This study compared a small group of Korean-American adoptees with their adoptive siblings who are biological children of the adoptive parents with respect to their psychosocial adjustment. Eighteen Korean-American adoptees were compared with nine biological children by a structured demographic, medical, clinical survey form and the Child Behavior(More)