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Magnetic flux in superconductors is usually quantized in units of h/2e. Here we report scanning SQUID and scanning Hall probe studies of single fluxoids in high purity YBa2Cu3O6.35 crystals (T(c) less, similar 13 K), extending flux quantization studies to a region of the cuprate phase diagram where the superfluid density is sufficiently low that novel(More)
The replacement of petrochemicals with biobased chemicals requires efficient bioprocesses, biocatalysis, and product recovery. Biocatalysis (e.g., enzyme conversion and fermentation) offers an attractive alternative to chemical processing because biocatalysts utilize renewable feedstocks under benign reaction conditions. One class of chemical products that(More)
There is a long-standing debate about whether spin-charge separation is the root cause of the peculiar normal-state properties and high superconducting transition temperatures of the high-Tc materials. In the proposed state of matter, the elementary excitations are not electron-like, as in conventional metals, but rather the electron 'fractionalizes' to(More)
This paper is to study the enhancement of power system quality for distribution feeders with wind generator (WG) by applying the static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) to provide the voltage support during fault contingency. The critical clearing time for circuit breaker tripping to isolate the fault is derived by considering the low voltage ride through(More)
Screening and monitoring in men prescribed testosterone therapy in the U.S., 2001–2010. J Baillargeon, RJ Urban, YF Kuo, HM Holmes, MA Raji, A Morgentaler, BT Howrey, YL Lin, KJ Ottenbacher. PublicHealth Rep 2015;130:143–52. Editorial Comment: Testosterone therapy for late-onset hypogonadism is a controversial practice. What is not controversial is the need(More)
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