Y. Ikemoto

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Clonic and tonic seizure-like movements of the extremities were observed during induction of anaesthesia with sevoflurane in a 9-yr-old girl. The tonic movements were associated with respiratory alkalosis and were not abolished by an i.v. injection of thiamylal 75 mg. Arterial pressure, heart rate and body temperature remained normal during the episode.(More)
This paper presents a delay test system which detects the delay faults located in LSI chips. Fault model and the measure of fault coverage are defined. This system features easy to use operation for providing the test data, including fail safe design to violation of scan design rule, quick turn around time for test data generation, and consideration for(More)
The Flexion-Rotation Test (FRT) is proposed to assess mobility primarily at C1-C2. However, there is no in vivo measurement investigating the validity of the FRT. The purpose of this study was 1) to examine measurement reliability of segmental upper cervical movements using magnetic resonance imaging and 2) to investigate the content validity of the FRT.(More)
In the management of neck pain disorders, McKenzie recommends performing neck extension exercises from a fully neck retracted position in order to achieve a maximum range of lower cervical extension. However, no study has investigated the impact of pre-positioning the neck prior to the extension exercise. This study compared end-range sagittal cervical(More)
STUDY DESIGN A comparative measurement study of in vivo cervical rotation, induced by shoulder abduction, measured using magnetic resonance imaging. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to clarify the kinematics between cervical rotation and shoulder abduction. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Although it is believed that abduction of the shoulder induces(More)
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