Y. Huang

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Microarray technologies, which can measure tens of thousands of gene expression values simultaneously in a single experiment, have become a common research method for biomedical researchers. Computational tools to analyze microarray data for biological discovery are needed. In this paper, we investigate the feasibility of using formal concept analysis (FCA)(More)
We analyze a number of techniques for pricing American options under a regime switching stochastic process. The techniques analyzed include both explicit and implicit discretiza-tions with the focus being on methods which are unconditionally stable. In the case of implicit methods we also compare a number of iterative procedures for solving the associated(More)
Site-specific gene addition can allow stable transgene expression for gene therapy. When possible, this is preferred over the use of promiscuously integrating vectors, which are sometimes associated with clonal expansion and oncogenesis. Site-specific endonucleases that can induce high rates of targeted genome editing are finding increasing applications in(More)
During recent years, for the ever-growing number of users with the exponential growth of high-data-rate traffic demand, quality of experience (QoE) has emerged as an important issue, providing important measures and assessment metrics for users, service providers and operators. Meanwhile, rapid development of information and communications technology(More)
The housefly (Musca domestica) larvae have been used clinically to cure osteomyelitis, decubital necrosis, lip boil, ecthyma and malnutritional stagnation ever since the Ming/Qing Dynasty (1368 Anno Domini) till now, in China. In prior research, we have cloned and characterized a new gene of antimicrobial peptide cecropin from M. domestica larvae. This(More)
We calculate the scaling behavior of the second-kind self-similar blow-up solution of an aggregation equation in odd dimensions. This solution describes the radially symmetric finite-time blowup phenomena and has been observed in numerical simulations of the dynamic problem. The nonlocal equation for the self-similar profile is transformed into a system of(More)
Chronic pain is a common long-term condition that affects a person's physical and emotional functioning. Currently, the integrated biopsychosocial approach is the mainstay treatment for people with chronic pain. Self-reporting (the use of questionnaires) is one of the most common methods to evaluate treatment outcome. The questionnaires can consist of more(More)