Y. Helio Yang

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We used sequence polymorphism of the mitochondrial DNA D-loop (968 bp excluding the tandem repeat region) to determine genetic diversity of horses inhabiting Cheju (a southern island of Korea). Seventeen haplotypes with frequencies from 1.5 to 21.5% were found among 65 Cheju horse samples. Genetic diversity (h) of the 17 haplotypes was calculated to be(More)
We report here the results of our evaluation of virus inactivation during the manufacturing steps of two intravenous immunoglobulin (IGIV) preparations. Virus inactivation and/or removal by processing steps, such as ethanol fractionation and polyethylene glycol precipitation, and deliberate virucidal steps, such as solvent/detergent treatment and(More)
We report here results of in vitro comparisons of the Fc functional activity of a second-generation intravenous immunoglobulin (IGIV) preparation (Venoglobulin-I) and a third-generation IGIV product that includes a deliberate virus-inactivation step (Venoglobulin-S). Both formulations showed equivalent Fc-mediated function against viral antigens (rubella,(More)
Plant roots and microorganisms play an important role in the soil N cycle and plant N nutrition through the release of extracellular enzymes. In the present greenhouse pot experiment, wheat (Triticum aestivum) seedlings were grown in a fluvo-aquic soil (Udifluvent) to investigate N mineralization and utilization in the rhizosphere of wheat. The soil(More)
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