Y. Hayasaka

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We have examined the advanced application of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) for the structural characterization of a composite of cellulose nanofiber (CNF) and palladium (Pd) nanoparticles. In the present study, we focused on electron-irradiation damage and optimization of high-resolution TEM imaging of the composite. The investigation indicates(More)
Silicene, a two-dimensional honeycomb network of silicon atoms like graphene, holds great potential as a key material in the next generation of electronics; however, its use in more demanding applications is prevented because of its instability under ambient conditions. Here we report three types of bilayer silicenes that form after treating(More)
Despite recent advances in the carbonization of organic crystalline solids like metal-organic frameworks or supramolecular frameworks, it has been challenging to convert crystalline organic solids into ordered carbonaceous frameworks. Herein, we report a route to attaining such ordered frameworks via the carbonization of an organic crystal of a(More)
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