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BACKGROUND Coronary heart disease (CHD) constitutes one of the main health problems in Saudi Arabia, but little is known on the lipid profile of the juvenile population. METHODS We measured the prevalence of high-risk levels of serum lipids in 1390 boys and girls, aged 9 or 12 years, in Riyadh city. RESULTS High-risk levels of total cholesterol (TC),(More)
This article presents a global positioning system–geographic information system (GPS–GIS)based procedure for the deduction of the horizontal alignment of a road based on the path of a control vehicle. Using differential GPS surveying, field data were collected at a 0.1-second interval, under different speed conditions on a 25-km section of a two-lane rural(More)
In image registration, the point-to-point correspondences between two images of the same scene, which are acquired by different sensors or by the same sensor at different times or with different parameters, are determined. The crucial point of feature-based methods is to adopt discriminative and robust feature descriptors that are invariant to the assumed(More)
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