Y. Hamatake

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cirrhosis was 4.1% in Nagasaki and 2.7% in all Japan, particularly hepatoma with cirrhosis was outstandingly high (2.9% in Nagasaki, 1.0% in all Japan). The ratio of hepatoma with cirrhosis to cirrhosis was 42% in Nagasaki and 28% in aI1 Japan. The ratio of hepatoma with cirrhosis to hepatoma was 86% in Nagasaki and 57% in all Japan. The predominant type of(More)
communicat ions were formed between splenic and pulmonary vascular beds. Hemodynamic studies on the collateral blood flow were presented in this paper. The t ranssplenic venograms well demonst ra ted tha t a par t of por ta l blood flowed into the pulmonary vein and reached to the left a r t i um through the newly formed collateral communicat ions between(More)
Because of the in ter rac ia l difference, c i r rhosis of the l iver in Japanese presents less favorable prognosis than tha t in wes te rn population. Reappraisal of the i r fate following surgical or medical t r ea tmen t is thus of grave importance in selecting the adequate type of therapy. We have postulated a new operat ive cr i ter ia for c i r rhosis(More)
During the past 7 years, the shunt operations were performed to 28 cases of the portal hypertension including 4 Eck's fistulas, 17 spleno-renal shunts and 7 superior mesenteric-vena caval shunts. The follow-up study of these cases revealed the following facts. No operative death were found among the 14 non-cirrhotic patients. All of them were found alive at(More)