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We study the optical coupling between a gold nanowire and a silver ion-exchanged waveguide, with special emphasis on the nanowire antenna radiation pattern. We measure the radiation patterns of waveguide-coupled gold nanowires with a height of 70 nm and width of 50 or 150 nm in the 450-700 nm spectral range for TE and TM polarizations. We perform a(More)
We report on 120-mW directly measured cw power at 532 nm from a tunable alpha -distributed-feedback laser diode near 1.064 microm frequency doubled in a KTP crystal operating room temperature inside a ring cavity. Our experimental setup allows us to scan frequencies up to 2 THz in the green-light domain and thus is extremely useful for iodine spectroscopy.(More)
We report on a concept of compact optical Fourier-transform spectrometer based on bidimensional (2D) spatial sampling of a confined interferogram. The spectrometer consists of a nanostructured glass surface on which two light beams interfere in total internal reflection. Subwavelength spatial sampling of the interferogram near field is achieved by(More)
—Progress on the development of a frequency chain devoted to the absolute frequency measurement of 127 I 2-stabilized lasers around 563.2 THz/532 nm is reported. The aim of this work is the improvement of the accuracy—by at least one order of mag-nitude—of the absolute frequency of this standard. The scheme is based on the frequency combination of two(More)
We propose a new monolithic interferometric configuration and implement a novel method for spectroscopic phase shift detection of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensors. The interference pattern is obtained using a nonpolarizing beam splitter cube with two attached right angle prisms in such a way that each interference field undergoes two total internal(More)
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