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How organ-specific metastatic traits arise in primary tumors remains unknown. Here, we show a role of the breast tumor stroma in selecting cancer cells that are primed for metastasis in bone. Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) in triple-negative (TN) breast tumors skew heterogeneous cancer cell populations toward a predominance of clones that thrive on(More)
We theoretically investigate a wavelength-selective all-optical switch using Raman-induced loss in a silicon resonator add-drop filter. We show that picojoule control pulses can selectively modulate and "erase" a single cavity resonance from full extinction to greater than 97% transmission while leaving adjacent resonances undisturbed. Full switching is(More)
We experimentally demonstrate selective control of the Q and transmission of an individual resonance of an optical microcavity by optically controlling its intracavity loss via inverse Raman scattering. A strongly overcoupled resonance is brought into critical coupling with continuous tuning of the on-resonance transmission by >9 dB and reduction of the(More)
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