Y. H. Choi

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The incidence of acute hepatitis in syphilis patient is rare. First of all, our patient presented with hepatitis comorbid with thrombocytosis. To our knowledge, this is only the second report of syphilitic hepatitis with thrombocytosis. The 42-yr-old male complained of flu-like symptoms and skin eruptions on his palms and soles. Laboratory findings(More)
In this paper, we present a system level fault diagnosis algorithm for identifying faulty and fault-free units in sparsely interconnected systems. The algorithm is partially based on a comparison approach where identical test vectors are applied to all units and their outputs are compared among themselves. Typical comparison diagnosis schemes based on(More)
This case reports muellerianosis of the urinary bladder, showing glandular lesions made up of endocervical type glands, in a 36-yr-old woman. The patient presented with lower abdominal discomfort and pain on voiding. The patient had undergone two Cesarean sections 5 yr and 3 yr earlier. On a pelvic ultrasonography, a well-circumscribed mass, 2.2x0.8 cm in(More)
Testing of boards containing a mixture of boundary scan components and clusters of non-boundary scan devices is an interesting problem. lf a tester cannot contact the non-scan circuitry, the inputs and outputs of onboard boundary scan devices may be used as virtual tester pins. In this care. the time for testing the clusters deper& on how the boundary scan(More)
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