Y. H. Chang

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High-quality mammography is the most effective technology presently available for breast cancer screening. Efforts to improve mammography focus on refining the technology and improving how it is administered and X-ray films are interpreted. Computer-based intelligent system for identification of the breast cancer can be very useful in diagnosis and its(More)
Magnetic-field-induced phase transitions in the integer quantum Hall effect are studied under the formation of paired Landau bands arising from Zeeman spin splitting. By investigating features of modular symmetry, we showed that modifications to the particle-hole transformation should be considered under the coupling between the paired Landau bands. Our(More)
Hereditary spherocytosis (HS) is a common inherited erythrocyte membrane disorder characterized by chronic hemolytic anemia. Clinical manifestations and biochemical abnormalities of HS are heterogeneous. In this study, we investigated erythrocyte membrane protein defects in 27 Korean HS cases. Utilizing both the Fairbanks system and the Laemmli system,(More)
Objectives The objective of this study was to compare the elution characteristics, antimicrobial activity and mechanical properties of antibiotic-loaded bone cement (ALBC) loaded with powdered antibiotic, powdered antibiotic with inert filler (xylitol), or liquid antibiotic, particularly focusing on vancomycin and amphotericin B. Methods Cement specimens(More)
In this paper we study model parameter compensation methods for noise-robust speech recognition based on CDHMM. First, we propose a modified PMC method where adjustment term in the model parameter adaptation is varied depending on mixture components of HMM to obtain more reliable modeling. A state-dependent association factor that controls the average(More)
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