Y. González

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IVIE working papers offer in advance the results of economic research under way in order to encourage a discussion process before sending them to scientific journals for their final publication. * My deepest debt of gratitude goes to Avner Greif, without whose suggestions, encouragement and support I would have never been able to write this paper. I also(More)
We present experimental evidence of Sb incorporation inside InAs/GaAs(001) quantum dots exposed to an antimony flux immediately before capping with GaAs. The Sb composition profile inside the nanostructures as measured by cross-sectional scanning tunneling and electron transmission microscopies show two differentiated regions within the quantum dots, with(More)
Charge confinement in InAs/ InP self-assembled quantum wires is studied experimentally using photolumi-nescence in pulsed magnetic fields and theoretically using adiabatic theory within the effective-mass approximation , taking into account the strain in the samples. We show both experimentally and theoretically that, in spite of the large conduction band(More)
The high diversity of epiphytes typical of undisturbed montane tropical forests has been negatively affected by continuous deforestation and forest conversion to secondary vegetation. Macrolichens are an important component of these epiphytes. Because their physiology is strongly coupled to humidity and solar radiation, we hypothesized that microclimatic(More)
In this work we show two different procedures of fabrication aiming towards the systematic positioning of single InAs quantum dots (QDs) coupled to a GaAs photonic crystal (PC) microcavity. The two approaches are based on the molecular beam epitaxial (MBE) growth of site-controlled QDs (SCQDs) on pre-patterned structures. The PC microcavity (PCM) is(More)
In this work we show room temperature lasing at 1.5 µm in photonic crystal microcavities in air bridge membranes with a single layer of self-assembled quantum wires (QWRs). Low threshold values around 10 µW have been measured, along high quality factors Q ∼ 55000 using L7-type photonic crystal microcavities. Solid-source molecular beam(More)
Why did limited government and 'constitutionalism' (the rule of law, constitutional rules, and political representation) evolve in some societies but not others? Guided by history, this paper examines why this evolution reflects dependence on administrators to implement policy choices including those affecting them. Limited government and constitutionalism(More)
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