Y George G Zheng

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CD39 (ENTPD1) is expressed by subsets of pathogenic human CD4(+) T cells, such as Th17 cells. These Th17 cells are considered important in intestinal inflammation, such as seen in Crohn's disease (CD). Recently, CD161 (NKR-P1A) was shown to be a phenotypic marker of human Th17 cells. In this study, we report that coexpression of CD161 and CD39 not only(More)
Protein N-myristoylation enables localization to membranes and helps maintain protein conformation and function. N-myristoyltransferases (NMT) catalyze co- or post-translational myristoylation of Src family kinases and other oncogenic proteins, thereby regulating their function. In this study, we provide genetic and pharmacological evidence that inhibiting(More)
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