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In the present study, we investigated the multisensory gain as the difference of speech recognition accuracies between the audio-visual (AV) and auditory-only (A) conditions, and the multisensory gain as the difference between the event-related potentials (ERPs) evoked under the AV condition and the sum of the ERPs evoked under the A and visual-only (V)(More)
Brain-specific cytoplasmic RNA 1 (BC1-RNA), a non-coding RNA polymerase III transcript, is a neuronal RNA that is specifically targeted to dendritic domains. It is co-localized with components of the dendritic protein synthetic machinery, and it has been suggested to operate in the regulation of local translation-related processes in postsynaptic(More)
Chronic intermittent hypoxia (CIH) attenuates baroreflex control of heart rate (HR). In this study, we assessed whether CIH exposure reduced nucleus ambiguus (NA) control of HR and induced neural degeneration in the NA. Fischer 344 (age: 3-4 months) rats were exposed to either room air (RA: normoxia) or intermittent hypoxia for 35-50 days. At the end of(More)
  • Sersa G, Jarm T Kotnik, +151 authors Barrachina Md
  • 2009
(2008). Vascular disrupting action of electroporation and electrochemotherapy with bleomycin in murine sarcoma. receptor agonist IRL 1620 is highly vasoconstrictive in two syngeneic rat tumour lines: potential for selective tumour blood flow modification. (2005). Progressive microvascular injury in liver and colorectal liver metastases following laser(More)
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