Y . G . Jung

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The hypothesis under examination in this paper is that the lifetimes of dental restorations are limited by the accumulation of contact damage during oral function; and, moreover, that strengths of dental ceramics are significantly lower after multi-cycle loading than after single-cycle loading. Accordingly, indentation damage and associated strength(More)
Natural teeth (enamel/dentin) and most restorations are essentially layered structures. This study examines the hypothesis that coating thickness and coating/substrate mismatch are key factors in the determination of contact-induced damage in clinically relevant bilayer composites. Accordingly, we study crack patterns in two model "coating/substrate"(More)
All-ceramic crowns are coming into widespread use because of their superior esthetics and chemical inertness. This study examines the hypothesis that glass-infiltrated alumina and spinel core ceramics are resistant to damage accumulation and strength degradation under representative oral contact conditions. Accordingly, Hertzian indentation testing with(More)
The uptake and synthesis of 19 amino acids by fresh or frozen-thawed bovine blastocysts produced by parthenogenesis (PT) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) were compared in the present study. Fresh blastocysts, 180 h after IVF or PT activation, and frozen-thawed blastocysts, 168 h old and cultured for 12 h post-thawing, were cultured in synthetic oviduct fluid(More)
WIGGLER(MPW14) AT PLS H.G.Lee, D.E.Kim, K.H.Park, H.S.Suh, Y.G.Jung, H.S.Han, W.W.Lee, C.W.Chung Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, POSTECH, KOREA Abstract Pohang Accelerator Laboratory(PAL) had developed and installed a Multipole Wiggler (MPW14) to utilize high energy synchrotron radiation at Pohang Light Source (PLS). The MPW14 is a hybrid type device with(More)
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