Y. Fujihashi

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Recently, nuclear vibrational contribution signatures in two-dimensional (2D) electronic spectroscopy have attracted considerable interest, in particular as regards interpretation of the oscillatory transients observed in light-harvesting complexes. These transients have dephasing times that persist for much longer than theoretically predicted electronic(More)
We present a mathematical model for population dynamics of the mimetic swallowtail butterfly Papilio polytes in the Sakishima Islands, Japan. The model includes four major variables, that is, population densities of three kinds of butterflies (two female forms f. cyrus, f. polytes and the unpalatable butterfly Pachliopta aristolochiae) and their predator.(More)
In large light harvesting systems, not all pigments are coupled strongly. This is evidenced by the formation of delocalized states in certain domains of strongly coupled pigments. The threshold value for assigning pigments to domains is usually defined, and the pigment pairs in which the electronic coupling is greater than this value are included in the(More)
Intramolecular singlet fission (iSF) materials provide remarkable advantages in terms of tunable electronic structures, and quantum chemistry studies have indicated strong electronic coupling modulation by high frequency phonon modes. In this work, we formulate a microscopic model of iSF with simultaneous diagonal and off-diagonal coupling to high-frequency(More)
Singlet fission is a spin-allowed process by which a singlet excited state is converted to two triplet states. To understand mechanisms of the ultrafast fission via a charge transfer (CT) state, one has investigated the dynamics through quantum-dynamical calculations with the uncorrelated fluctuation model; however, the electronic states are expected to(More)
A master equation approach based on an optimized polaron transformation is adopted for dynamics simulation with simultaneous diagonal and off-diagonal spin-boson coupling. Two types of bath spectral density functions are considered, the Ohmic and the sub-Ohmic. The off-diagonal coupling leads asymptotically to a thermal equilibrium with a nonzero population(More)
The Dirac-Frenkel time-dependent variational approach with Davydov Ansätze is a sophisticated, yet efficient technique to obtain an accurate solution to many-body Schrödinger equations for energy and charge transfer dynamics in molecular aggregates and light-harvesting complexes. We extend this variational approach to finite temperature dynamics of the(More)
Singlet fission is a spin-allowed energy conversion process whereby a singlet excitation splits into two spin-correlated triplet excitations residing on adjacent molecules and has a potential to dramatically increase the efficiency of organic photovoltaics. Recent time-resolved nonlinear spectra of pentacene derivatives have shown the importance of high(More)
Understanding the excitation energy transfer (EET) mechanism is a ubiquitous field of study in photosynthetic antennas. Recently, we qualitatively improved the theory of the variational master equation by introducing the second Bogoliubov inequality to determine the proper perturbative term. However, there were quantitative differences in the EET rate(More)
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