Y. Fu

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Realistic estimation of power MOSFET switching losses is critical for predicting the maximum junction temperature and efficiency of power electronics circuits. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the internal physics of MOSFET switching processes using a physically based semiconductor device modeling approach, and subsequently examine the commonly(More)
A novel frequency coordination control method is proposed for a PV-diesel isolated hybrid system. In the proposed coordination control strategy, the photovoltaic system (PV) are controlled by using maximum power point tracking (MPPT) method, and the sliding mode control(SMC) is designed for the output power tuning of the diesel generator system to reduce(More)
During the evolution of social network, there is a social network phenomenon that small communities also become important. Generally, each community has its own characteristics of internal correlation and relation. Accurate division of whole social networks into multiple small communities may help improve the quality of social network services as whole.(More)
To simplify the problem of atlas selection in multi-atlas segmentation, we define Minimum Reduced Atlas Database (MinRAD), and give an algorithm of selecting MinRAD. Furthermore, nine types of MinRAD model are proposed based different similarity measures and input images, and their performances on multi-atlas segmentation are compared in two databases.(More)
Although multi-finger MOS structures have demonstrated very attractive behaviors for high-frequency analog circuit applications, the shared drain and source regions for adjacent gate fingers have led to current crowding and results in the finger number-dependent current-voltage characteristics. In addition, the high current density spots near the drain(More)
—The analysis of stability and robustness of fuzzy reasoning is an important issue in areas like intelligent systems and fuzzy control. An interesting aspect is to what extent the perturbation of input in a fuzzy reasoning scheme causes the oscillation of the output. In particular, when the error limits (restrictions) of the input values are given, what the(More)
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