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Ischemic stroke (IS) is a multifactorial disorder, and genetic factors act as important contributors to its onset and progression. Inflammation is a key event that is closely associated with the pathophysiology of IS. The association of genetic polymorphisms of inflammatory cytokines with IS remains poorly understood. We investigated the relationship(More)
Nucleotide sequencing of the phylogenetically informative region of NS5B remains the gold standard for hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotyping. Here we developed a new methodology for sequencing new NS5B regions to increase the accuracy and sensitivity of HCV genotyping and subtyping. The eight new primers were identified by scanning the full-length NS5B regions(More)
In recent years, increscent emissions in the city of Beijing due to expanded population, accelerated industrialization and inter-regional pollutant transportation have led to hazardous atmospheric pollution issues. Although a number of anthropogenic control measures have been put into use, frequent/severe haze events have still challenged regional(More)
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