Y. F. Tian

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We report on the interfacial magnetic coupling in manganite bilayers of collinear ferromagnetic La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 and noncollinear multiferroic TbMnO3. Exchange bias is observed at the Néel temperature of TbMnO3 (,41 K) due to the onset of long-range antiferromagnetic ordering in the Mn spin sublattice. Interestingly, an anomalous plateau of exchange bias(More)
Transformation of the electrical transport from the Efros and Shklovskii J. Phys. C 8, L49 1975 variable range hopping to the “hard gap” resistance was experimentally observed in a low temperature range as the Fe compositions in Zn1−xFexO1−v ferromagnetic semiconductor films increase. A universal form of the resistance versus temperature, i.e., exp TH /T+(More)
In this paper, Dill's classical exposure model for positive photoresist is generalized to fit negative photoresist. Based on Dill's model, the differences between positive and negative photoresist is analyzed and then the equations of chemical kinetics inside the SU-8 negative photoresist are established. To consider the scattering and refraction of light(More)
In contact lithography it is hard to fabricate microstructures with high precision and high aspect ratio due to diffraction. In this paper, patter transfer error of certain deep layer in SU-8 deep UV lithography will be corrected based on the model-area based correction method .The algorithm reduces the complexity and improves the efficiency of correction.
Magnetic transport properties in Ti(1-x)Co(x)O(2) and Zn(1-x)Co(x)O magnetic semiconductors have been studied experimentally and theoretically. A linear relation of lnρ versus T(-1/2) (ρ is sheet resistance and T is temperature), which shows different slopes and intersections at different magnetic fields, was observed experimentally in the low temperature(More)
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