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The problem of redistributing work load on parallel computers is considered. An optimal redistribution algorithm, which minimises the Euclidean norm of the migrating load, is derived. The problem is further studied by modelling with the unsteady heat conduction equation. Relationship between this algorithm and other dynamic load balancing algorithms is(More)
We have characterized in the contusion-lesioned murine spinal cord the behavior of acutely implanted epidermal neural crest stem cells (EPI-NCSC, formerly eNCSC). EPI-NCSC, a novel type of multipotent adult stem cell, are remnants of the embryonic neural crest. They reside in the bulge of hair follicles and have the ability to differentiate into all major(More)
Depth profiled positronium annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) is an extremely useful probe of the pore characteristics of nanoporous thin films in general and low-dielectric constant ðkÞ thin films in particular. PALS is sensitive to all pores (both closed and open) in the size range from 0.3 to B300 nm and to the closed-to-open pore transition.(More)
Here we show that epidermal neural crest stem cell (EPI-NCSC) transplants in the contused spinal cord caused a 24% improvement in sensory connectivity and a substantial recovery of touch perception. Furthermore we present a novel method for the ex vivo expansion of EPI-NCSC into millions of stem cells that takes advantage of the migratory ability of neural(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of representing planar graphs by polygons whose sides touch. We show that at least six sides per polygon are necessary by constructing a class of planar graphs that cannot be represented by pentagons. We also show that the lower bound of six sides is matched by an upper bound of six sides with a linear-time algorithm(More)
BACKGROUND We have identified a differential gene expression profile in neural crest stem cells that is due to deletion of the norepinephrine transporter (NET) gene. NET is the target of psychotropic substances, such as tricyclic antidepressants and the drug of abuse, cocaine. NET mutations have been implicated in depression, anxiety, orthostatic(More)