Y. F. Gao

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Code coverage analysis holds a very important role in software testing procedure. By the test case runs it provides developers by means to quantify of how well their source code is being exercised. By detecting errors/bugs in the code it estimates the efficiency of the test. We must implement a systematic way and support the theoretical bases for testing(More)
Two-phase monolayers adsorbed on crystalline substrates can form many patterns. After reviewing the experimentally observed patterns on various substrates, we extend a thermodynamic theory to account for the anisotropy in surface stress, substrate stiiness, and phase boundary energy. We solve the elastic ÿeld in the anisotropic substrate by using the Stroh(More)
In this paper, for improving the integrative controlling effect of Trichoderma harzianum, effect of 14 pesticides on T. harzianum was studied with growth rate method and the circle of inhibiting bacterium method. The results suggested that all 14 tested pesticides with different concentration showed different controlling effect on mycelia growth of T.(More)
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