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The concentrations of five antibiotics (erythromycin, lincomycin, penicillin G, streptomycin and oxytetracycline) were determined in chicken serum before and after induced fatty liver. The pharmacokinetic variables were calculated according to the obtained data. The crossover trial design involved 10 chickens for each antibiotic. The fatty liver was(More)
There is increasing evidence that vitamin D metabolites have a developmental function. We have investigated the influence of the vitamin D status on the activity of creatine kinase in the brain. Normally fed rats show an increase in the specific activity of cerebral and cerebellar creatine kinase during postnatal development. Vitamin-D-depleted rats failed(More)
We have demonstrated that epiphyseal chondroblasts contain specific receptors for 24R,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3(24,25(OH)2D3) while diaphyseal osteoblasts contain specific receptors for 1 alpha 25-dihydroxy vitamin D3(1,25(OH)2D3). Both metabolites induce DNA synthesis and creatine kinase (CKBB) activity. We have also found that the responsiveness of rat(More)
Vascular placental insufficiency is considered a common pathogenic factor in human intrauterine growth retardation. To mimic this condition, the rabbit, a 'perinatal brain developer' was utilized as an experimental model. Ischemic conditions were achieved by total ligation of approximately 30% of the uteroplacental vessels of half of the fetuses in each(More)
Parathyroid hormone (PTH) caused a significant decrease in human erythrocyte filtration rate (EFR). This effect was Ca2+-dependent and was partially reversed by the Ca2+ blocker verapamil. It was mimicked by the Ca2+ ionophore A-23187. Mg2+ even at high concentrations could not substitute for Ca2+. There was a dose response between the filtration rate and(More)
Parathyroid hormone (PTH) caused a dramatic acceleration of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). This effect was calcium dependent and was partially reversed by verapamil. It was not mimicked by 5 mumol/l calcium ionophore A-23187. Following the removal of PTH from the cell suspension the ESR returned to normal. PTH also caused haemagglutination, the(More)
The effect of hypoparathyroidism and low blood calcium on enzyme levels in rat liver and kidney is shown. Four animal groups were used: parathyroidectomized (PTX), PTX with CaCl2 added in the drinking water, sham-operated controls and sham-operated with CaCl2 added in the drinking water. PTX significantly lowered serum parathyroid hormone (PTH) and calcium.(More)