Y. Despotopoulos

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Web Services is gradually becoming the most popular distributed computing paradigm for the Internet. Although several vendor and research efforts are in progress, fully-fledged deployment of Web Services in a wide scale has not been accomplished yet. The present contribution describes a framework for lightweight deployment of Web Services. This framework(More)
XML is widely used as a Web language that decouples completely the data model from the various views that may be employed to present the actual information. Using XML in the scope of information portals, auctions and e-publishing applications constitutes often a compromise between transformation flexibility, scalability and the required computing power.(More)
In this paper we introduce the implementation of a streaming video distribution scheme based on client relay modules. The purpose is the formation and maintenance of an overlay network architecture responsible for the dispensation of streaming traffic to end-clients. This architecture has been based on the use of modular system components that can(More)
This paper presents a network architecture for supporting real time distribution of multimedia content for covering major athletic events such as Soccer World Cups and Olympic Games. It has been based on ongoing work carried out in the context of the OLYMPIC IST project. The scope of the paper is dual: First, to identify the problems, and set requirements(More)
In this paper, ongoing work towards the implementation of an end-to-end distribution scheme for supporting real-time data streaming over heterogeneous networks is presented. The presented architecture is been implemented in the context of the EU IST OLYMPIC project targeting at supporting personalised multimedia distribution for covering major athletic(More)
The main contribution of this paper is to describe an eLearning framework suitable for offering live streaming functionality in the context of educational purposes. The proposed platform is a decentralized, end-to-end solution that can be deployed irrespectively of the underlying network infrastructure without posing any additional requirements. The(More)
The need for establishing bandwidth guaranteed paths in IP networks and the requirement for making optimal use of the available resources becomes more and more crucial due to the significant development of data-intensive multimedia applications. In this paper, we discuss the techniques and the mechanisms for exercising traffic engineering in contemporary IP(More)
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