Y. D. Romanenko

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Future integrated networks are expected to offer packetized voice and other multimedia conferencing services to mobile users over wireless links. Wireless networks cannot easily support multimedia applications due to the media high probability, burstiness, persistence of errors, and delay jitter suffered by packets. This is not only due to queuing but due(More)
This work was in part supported by the U.S. Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigation, ARPA/ITO under Contract J-FBI-93-112 Computer Aided Design of High Performance Network Wireless Networked Systems, and by Intel under project ‘‘QoS Wireless Networks’’ ** Order of authors is alphabetic. Primary contacts are Manthos Kazantzidis(More)
The problem of creation of antenna feeder devices (AFD) for telemetric systems of launchers for commercial starts of spacecrafts on different ascent trajectories is considered. The principles of AFD creation on the basis of use of the controlled antenna arrays of meter and decimeter frequency bands and features of switching antennas are stated.
Results of probing VSWR and efficiency factor electrically small antennas with the dimensions considerably smaller resonance with the matching inductive loads which have been included on directly in a radiating wire of the antenna are presented. The statistical estimation of sensitivity VSWR of antennas to fluctuations of parameters of a construction is(More)
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