Y D Heilbronn

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A rapid method of definitive low tracheostomy utilizing an original instrument kit and percutaneous approach is described. Through a horizontal, shallow (1.5-cm) skin incision in the neck, a 12-ga needle is introduced into the tracheal lumen. A flexible metal guidewire is gently introduced through the needle, which is then removed. A specially designed(More)
Interbody fusion for stabilization of the cervical spine after osteomyelitic destruction of the body of C5 vertebra is reported in a patient with quadriplegia and sphincter disturbances secondary to an epidural abscess. The successful union of the bone graft along with complete neurological recovery after anterior decompression and evacuation of the(More)
The introduction of a small quantity of air by lumbar puncture in the lateral decubitus position followed by high-resolution computerized tomography (CT) scanning is a simple method allowing optimal visualization of the cerebellopontine angle cistern and the internal auditory meatus. Our experience with 37 CT pneumomeatographies in 22 patients who had(More)