Y. Conturie

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We frequency doubled the single-frequency beam from an external-cavity tapered laser diode operating at 780 nm in a resonant cavity containing a beta -barium borate crystal to generate an output at 390 nm with high efficiency. Output powers as great as 233 mW were obtained, corresponding to an efficiency of 65%/W . The resonant-cavity design was a low-loss(More)
ACCESS is one of four medium-class mission concepts selected for study in 2008/9 by NASA’s Astrophysics Strategic Mission Concepts Study program. In a nutshell, ACCESS evaluates a space telescope designed for extreme high-contrast imaging and spectroscopy of exoplanetary systems. An activelycorrected coronagraph is used to suppress the glare of diffracted(More)
A small transverse-flow HF chemical laser has been constructed using a large volume microwave plasma generator for the production of F atoms. The F atoms react with hydrogen to form the lasing HF molecules. The active medium is about 5 cm long, and the maximum average laser power was found to be 560mW for all lines. Three laser lines with wavelengths 2.61(More)
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