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Central venous catheterization via the axillary vein was performed in 180 comatose patients with a success rate of 91%. The scarcity of serious nervous (none), thrombotic (6%), hemorrhagic (9.4%), infectious (1.8%), or thoracic (none) complications, the preservation of cerebral venous drainage, a longer distance between puncture site and tracheostomy or(More)
Neurogenic pulmonary edema (NPE) observed in 4 patients admitted in Neurosurgical Intensive Care au SAH by ruptured a vascular malformation. This complication is unusual (1.9%) and has been observed in comatose patients. For 3 patients, NEP resorption was rapid, from 12 to 72 hours with a treatment by CCPV with a P.E.E.P. and with restoring the(More)
This paper studies the causes of hyperthermias occurring after a subarachnoid hemorrhage by ruptured aneurysm in 54 patients, totalizing 66 febrils episodes. Only 29 episodes bacteriologically proved infections. The profile of thermic curve, the hemodynamical profile, and clinical examination are not convincing. The most convincing elements for the(More)