Y. Cheng

M. Abolins6
A. G. Bogdanchikov6
V. A. Bednyakov6
D. Benchekroun6
F. Ahmadov6
6M. Abolins
6A. G. Bogdanchikov
6V. A. Bednyakov
6D. Benchekroun
6F. Ahmadov
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Mathematical modeling of the energy metabolism of brain cells plays a central role in understanding data collected with different imaging modalities, and in making predictions based on them. During the last decade, several sophisticated brain metabolism models have appeared. Unfortunately, the picture of the metabolic details that emerges from them is far(More)
  • G. Aad, B. Abbott, J. Abdallah, S. Abdel Khalek, O. Abdinov, R. Aben +494 others
  • 2014
This paper presents the performance of the ATLAS muon reconstruction during the LHC run with pp collisions at √ s = 7–8 TeV in 2011–2012, focusing mainly on data collected in 2012. Measurements of the reconstruction efficiency and of the momentum scale and resolution, based on large reference samples of J/ψ → μμ, Z → μμ and ϒ → μμ decays, are presented and(More)
OBJECTIVE To document preoperative outcomes of a behavioral lifestyle intervention delivered to patients prior to bariatric surgery in comparison to treatment as usual (insurance-mandated physician supervised diet). DESIGN AND METHODS After completing a baseline assessment, candidates for surgery were randomized to a 6-month, evidence-informed, manualized(More)
The contribution of triacylglycerol to energy provision in the hypertrophied heart, mediated through lipoprotein lipase (LPL) is largely unknown and the contribution of very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) receptor to control of LPL presentation at the endothelium is unclear. For isolated perfused rat hearts, cold acclimation (CA) induced volume-overload(More)
  • G. Aad, B. Abbott, J. Abdallah, O. Abdinov, R. Aben, M. Abolins +494 others
  • 2015
This paper reviews and extends searches for the direct pair production of the scalar supersymmetric partners of the top and bottom quarks in proton–proton collisions collected by the ATLAS collaboration during the LHC Run 1. Most of the analyses use 20 fb −1 of collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of √ s = 8 TeV, although in some case an additional 4.7 fb(More)
  • G. Aad, B. Abbott, J. Abdallah, O. Abdinov, R. Aben, M. Abolins +494 others
  • 2015
Measurements of the Z Z and W W final states in the mass range above the 2m Z and 2m W thresholds provide a unique opportunity to measure the off-shell coupling strength of the Higgs boson. This paper presents constraints on the off-shell Higgs boson event yields normalised to the Standard Model prediction (signal strength) in the Z Z → 4, Z Z → 22ν and W W(More)
  • G. Aad, T. Abajyan, B. Abbott, J. Abdallah, S. Abdel Khalek, O. Abdinov +494 others
  • 2014
Many of the interesting physics processes to be measured at the LHC have a signature involving one or more isolated electrons. The electron reconstruction and identification efficiencies of the ATLAS detector at the LHC have been evaluated using proton–proton collision data collected in 2011 at √ s = 7 TeV and corresponding to an integrated luminosity of(More)