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Image registration is an often encountered problem in various fields including medical imaging, computer vision and image processing. Numerous algorithms for registering image data have been reported in these areas. In this paper, we present a novel curve evolution approach expressed in a level-set framework to achieve image intensity morphing and a simple(More)
Examples are given which prove the ICARUS detector quality through relevant physics measurements. We study the µ decay energy spectrum from a sample of stopping µ events acquired during a also at IFSI del CNR, sezione presso LNF. 234 The ICARUS Collaboration: Measurement of the µ decay spectrum with the ICARUS liquid Argon TPC the test run of the ICARUS(More)
A general lossless joint source-channel coding (JSCC) scheme based on linear codes and random interleavers for multiple-access channels (MACs) is presented and then analyzed in this paper. By the information-spectrum approach and the code-spectrum approach, it is shown that a linear code with a good joint spectrum can be used to establish limit-approaching(More)
The dynamics of cortical cognitive maps developed by self-organization must include the aspects of long and short-term memory. The behavior of such a neural network is characterized by an equation of neural activity as a fast phenomenon and an equation of synaptic modification as a slow part of the neural system. We present a new method of analyzing the(More)
  • Y. Chen
  • 2006
This paper investigates the global asymptotic stability for the Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with time-varying delays. By constructing suitable Lyapunov functional and employing the nonsmooth analysis, some sufficient conditions are obtained without demanding the boundedness and differentiability of the activation function. Moreover, one example is(More)
AIMS Niacin has potentially favourable effects on lipids, but its effect on cardiovascular outcomes is uncertain. HPS2-THRIVE is a large randomized trial assessing the effects of extended release (ER) niacin in patients at high risk of vascular events. METHODS AND RESULTS Prior to randomization, 42 424 patients with occlusive arterial disease were given(More)
—This paper presents an automatic way of evolving hierarchical Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy systems (TS-FS). The hierarchical structure is evolved using probabilistic incremental program evolution (PIPE) with specific instructions. The fine tuning of the IF–THEN rule's parameters encoded in the structure is accomplished using evolutionary programming (EP). The(More)
We usually feel that we understand a familiar word "immediately". However, even basic aspects of the time-line of word recognition are still controversial. Different domains of research have still not converged on a coherent account. An integration of multiple sources of information would lead to more strongly constrained theoretical models, and help(More)