Y. Carcassonne

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Sex steroid hormones such as testosterone and oestradiol induce immunomodulation of the and cytosolic binding has been demonstrated in normal and pathological human lymphocytes, (Danel et al., 1981). How the hormones enter the cells is controversial: a "passive" diffusion as described by Peck et al. (1973) or a "facilitated" diffusion as postulated by(More)
Steroid binding to human lymphocytes was previously detected by a fluorescence assay (Tubiana et al., 1984). In the present study fluorescence assays were carried out with a macromolecular complex constituted by covalently binding steroid to bovine serum albumin (BSA). In this way it was possible to eliminate transmembrane diffusion and confine the study to(More)
Good immunoprotection was afforded by A9/SEWA somatic hybrid cells in the C3H mouse/C3H Py tumour system, confirming results previously obtained in the A.SW mouse/SEWA tumour system. However, in this study the immunogenicity decreased with increasing serial subculture of the hybrid line and concomitant chromosome loss.
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